6 tips to buy  Memory cards

1. Don't buy the wrong memory card type
Make sure you know exactly what type of memory card your digital camera, mobile phone or games device uses before you hand over your cash. Devices will more often than not be only compatible with one type of memory card, which means you're stuck if you inadvertently buy the wrong one. Check your device to see exactly what you'll need.

2. Don't rely on the device's included memory
Some devices come with bundled memory cards, which means you can use the product straight out of the box. But in most cases these bundled cards are at the low end of the capacity spectrum, meaning you won't be able to store too much information on them before having to free up some space.

3. Let your hardware determine the size of memory card you buy
Memory cards with large capacities are not only more convenient, they're practically mandatory for some devices. For example, cameras that can record full HD chew up more memory space per video.

sdxc memory card
Standard SD card

4. Not all memory cards are the same
You’ll find plenty of manufacturers out there selling memory cards, all with similar-looking products and claiming similar capacity and performance. Not all memory cards are equal; cards can be made from varying quality components and manufacturing standards. If you've bought a cheaper generic card before and have had no problems, then by all means stick with it. Otherwise, stay with cards from recognised brands sold through authorised dealers. Counterfeit memory cards are also an issue when buying from sources such as eBay.

5. Take care of your memory cards
Flash memory is more hardy than many other forms of storage, but still requires a little TLC to protect your data. Always format a new or pre-used memory card in your camera before using it to take photos. Some cameras won't work if the card has been formatted in another device. Keep memory cards in a case when not in use, and don't remove the card while the device is still switched on or writing data to the card.

If you ever have trouble accessing your images or accidentally delete your photos, our video below will help you recover them.

6. The more the merrier
If you're going away on holidays (or are just an avid user of technology), then there's no reason to stop at just one card. Flash memory is relatively cheap, so stock up on cards before going on an overseas adventure. Depending on how good you are with backing up data on the road, it's also advisable to buy several smaller capacity cards (such as 4 or 8GB versions) rather than storing all your shots on just one 32GB model. This is just in case the card gets lost, stolen or corrupted, because the last thing you want is to lose all your photos in one go.

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