Buy regular USB flash drive, to better office

          USB flash drive may seem cheap, but it's actually very expensive.Buy regular USB flash drive, to better office.Many manufacturers officially purchase flash memory granules and sell them at a higher price than the market price, so it is difficult to sell them, so this also forced some manufacturers to produce inferior USB flash drive.

         As a mobile storage device, USB flash drive is used much less frequently than SSD. Many users may use USB flash drive more than once a month, but they will open their computers every day.So this caused a situation, although USB flash drive poor quality, but its failure rate is much lower than SSD.

         It doesn't matter if you buy a poor quality USB flash drive.Of course not!The failure rate is very low in the overall USB flash drive market, but for us personally, as long as we encounter the situation of data loss, it is 100%. We believe that most people cannot afford to lose data.




         Don't buy an expanded USB flash drive.Now the means of the scammers is very clever, the conventional detection capacity software simply can not detect the expansion of USB flash drive, only more data storage can be tested.This USB flash drive takes advantage of people like to buy cheap psychology, as long as the formal understanding of the price of 1TB USB flash drive will not be deceived.

         So you must carefully choose and buy, we may lose a USB flash drive is not important, but the loss of the inside of the file is that we do not want to see.

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