Camera SD card also needs maintenance

          For digital photography, Camera SD card also needs maintenance,SD card plays a very important role in the process of photography.However, because the use of SD card is relatively simple, often due to the user careless use, processing and cause SD card damage.

          The first rule of thumb for securing an SD card is to always install and remove it only when the digital camera is turned off.Users often make the mistake is, in a hurry to remove memory card from the camera, although the power supply has been closed, but some camera store slower, or image file is bigger to take a long time, the camera might look has been in a stop state, but in fact, storage action continues, then save files destroyed, in the middle of may also cause permanent storage card is damaged.For this reason, it is recommended that you turn off the camera and wait for a while or note that the camera lights are completely off before removing the storage card.

          Second, usually do not randomly format SD card, when using the camera format SD card, pay attention to whether the camera has enough power;When using the computer to format SD card, pay attention to choose the correct format.If you are using an operating system such as Windows XP, it is important to note that the default FAT32 format is incorrect when formatting the system, and most digital cameras use FAT format.


          At the same time, also need to pay attention to avoid the use and storage of SD card in high temperature, high humidity, do not put the SD card under high temperature and direct sunlight.Avoid heavy weight, bending, falling, impact and other physical damage, away from static electricity, magnetic field, liquid and corrosive substances.When removing the SD card, avoid touching the storage media of the SD card.If, after long-term use, the contact point of the SD card slot is dirty, leading to the failure of storage and reading information, then you can use compressed air to blow, but do not use a small stick sticking into the rub, or it may cause bigger problems.

          Like the battery contact point, the metal contact on the SD card will be weakened after long-term use, and internal data will be lost in severe cases.So you need regular maintenance.

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