Comparison of Lifetime Differences of SLC, MLC and TLC Three Generation Flash Memory Chips

SLC flash memory uses both positive and negative charges. A floating gate stores 1 bit of information and has a life of about 100,000 erases.

MLC flash uses different potentials, a floating gate stores 2 bits of information, about 10,000 erase lives, and SLC-MLC (doubles the capacity and shortens the lifetime by 1/10).

TLC flash memory uses different potentials, a floating gate stores 3 bits of information, about 500-1000 erase write life, MLC-TLC (capacity is 1/2 times larger, life is shortened to 1/20).

A. [Comparison of advantages of SLC and MLC]

In view of the fact that the current u disk market is mainly based on SLC chips and MLC chip storage, let us know more about SLC and MLC storage.

The architecture of the SLC is 0 and 1 values, and the MLC architecture can store more than 4 values at a time, so the MLC architecture has a high storage density, and can also use the old production process to increase the capacity of the product without additional investment in production equipment. , with cost and quality advantages.

Compared with MLC and MLC, MLC has low production cost and large capacity. If improved, the read and write performance of MLC will be further improved!

B. [Comparison of shortcomings of SLC and MLC]

The MLC architecture has a number of shortcomings. The first is that the service life is shorter than that of the SLC. The MLC architecture can only withstand 10,000 erasing, while the SLC architecture can withstand 100,000 erasing.

Secondly, the access speed is slow. Under the current technical conditions, the theoretical access speed of the MLC chip can only reach about 6MB, and the access speed of the SLC architecture is more than three times faster than the access speed of the MLC architecture!

In addition, the current consumption of the MLC is higher than that of the SLC. If the MLC is compared with the SLC under the same conditions of use, the current consumption of the MLC is about 15% higher than that of the SLC.

Summary: Although MLC has more disadvantages than SLC, MLC still has an absolute advantage in terms of single chip capacity. Because the MLC architecture and cost have an absolute advantage, it can meet the market demand of 2GB, 4GB, 8GB or even larger capacity.

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