Do you really know the correct way to use the memory card?

Memory cards, the must-have items of this digital age photographer, seem to be small but extremely important. Although you use it every day, very few people can fully grasp its use. Today, let's take a look at some of the wrong memory card usage habits need to be corrected!

Error 1: delete photos one by one on the camera

Take a photo and check it immediately. If you are not satisfied, delete it immediately. This is a very bad habit, because it will make your memory card FAT very confusing, especially the file management that comes with the camera, it is easy to cause redundancy. Data fragmentation.

Instead of wasting time looking back and deleting, it is better to bring a spare card and take a full change in time! After backing up to the computer, format it again.

Error 2: Format the memory card on the computer

Many people will get used to formatting memory cards on a computer. In fact, the best way is to format them on your favorite camera, because the algorithm between the computer and the camera and the camera from different manufacturers is different, although basically No problem, but there is a chance that something will go wrong.

Error 3: long-term not formatting the memory card

Most people should not have the habit of formatting memory cards. In fact, it is recommended that you format them once after each shot. One is to ensure that your memory card has enough capacity to shoot each time. The second is to let your memory card The data remains clean; the third is to indirectly let you develop the habit of tidying up your photos after each shot.

Error 4: After the memory card is full, it will be processed.

Many people are accustomed to waiting for the memory card to be stored on the computer when it is full, or to format it. This is just a matter of charging up with the mobile phone. It is a reason to charge the memory card. Secondly, it may damage the memory card. To prevent urgent needs.

Error 5: Interrupt data transfer

This should be unquestionable. If you force data to be interrupted or read data, it is very likely to cause data corruption and even damage to the storage medium itself.

Mistake 6: littering

This is also undoubted, the memory card is too small and too thin, if not properly organized, it will easily be lost. If it's a blank card, but if you have photos that you haven't exported yet, isn't it heartbreaking? Therefore, we should pay attention to the storage habits of the memory card, just in case.

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