Everything you need to know about an sd card

          With so many sd CARDS, Everything you need to know about an sd card,There are three members in the SD card family, namely SD, Mini SD and Micro SD, and their sizes are reduced successively.Standard SD CARDS are used for most cameras and camcorders.The ontology has a write protection switch -- but it does not affect the internal memory card, but the recognition of the card reading device.The Mini SD card is out of the picture.Micro SD card, also known as TF card, is mainly used in mobile phones, sports cameras, drones and other products.

         In terms of capacity, what we call an SD card is actually available in multiple versions for maximum capacity.The original SD card, which had a maximum capacity of 2GB, is now out of the mainstream (you may need one if you have a hobby of collecting old digital cameras).The most common SDHC and SDXC memory CARDS have a maximum capacity of 32GB and 2TB respectively.The new SDUC memory card has a theoretical capacity of 128 terabytes -- well, we don't know if we'll see this kind of full capacity SD card in our lifetime.It is recommended that users who need long continuous recording, 4K high bit rate video shooting choose.



        Speed rating is the performance specification specified by the SD card alliance, and it is also the mark that SD card manufacturers need to print on the product body and outer package.The speed rating usually only reflects the SD card's minimum performance level, not the actual performance

        No UHS: single row contacts, highest standard C10 (continuous write speed not less than 10MB/s), theoretical speed not more than 25MB/s (usually refers to read speed, write speed will be slightly lower).The CARDS are now largely off the market.

        Uhs-i: single row contacts, highest standard C10, U3, V30 (continuous writing speed of 30MB/s), theoretical speed of 104MB/s.This is the most dominant product in the current market.



        Uhs-ii: double row contacts, Max C10, U3, V90 (continuous write speed 90MB/s).Full duplex mode theoretical speed of 156MB/s (most cameras), half duplex mode theoretical speed of 312MB/s (card reader, etc.).

        Uhs-iii: double row contacts, highest standard C10, U3, V90, full duplex mode can reach 624MB/s.However, there is no actual product yet.

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