How to choose a camera sd card?

          How to choose a camera sd card? There are many TF CARDS, SDHC/SDXC CARDS and CF CARDS on the market. First, we need to read the camera's manual, or directly open the memory card slot to see the volume.

         How much sd card capacity enough to buy it, I want to buy how much capacity card, of course, the bigger the better.However, the larger the capacity, the more expensive, but also have to consider the device support memory card type and support the maximum memory card capacity, and then choose on demand.

         Depending on whether you're taking a lot of photos or video, depending on whether you're taking RAW or JPEG, depending on how many pixels you're taking, a 24 megapixel RAW photo is more than 40 megapixels.The SONY A7R3, nikon D850, Canon 5DS and other high resolution cameras with over 40 million pixels, prefer SDXC card with over 64GB.For 4K video shooting, the 64gb SDXC card is the entry standard.A 32gb SD card will suffice for JPEG photos.

         Speed is also the faster the better, but also related to the use.If it is a professional SLR camera or 4K video shooting the first or U3 standard card.If it is just an entry-level SLR below 20 megapixels, digital camera, full hd below video shooting U1 C10 standard card is also basically enough.The card below C10 is not recommended to buy, after all, now C10 is very cheap, the card below C10 has been slowly out of the market.Below is the flash memory card shooting video quality corresponding card type.

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