Intersting! Do you know flash drive with data will weigh more than Empty ones?

We all use flash drives almost every day for transferring data or carrying it to the workplace but have you ever thought that data-filled USB flash drives weigh more than an empty flash drive? Although there is no practical proof for the same, still a theoretical explanation describes it well.

What is flash memory?


Memory is just a charge and discharge of a capacitor, charged means 1 and uncharged means 0. The computer reads this information in the binary form (0s and 1s) and translates it to the readable data that you use. This charging of the capacitor is just an energy difference, and this energy as we all know has a certain mass (E=MC²). This mass is approx 10^-18 which are negligible and is nearly impossible to weigh because today the best scale we have has a resolution of 10^-8 only; so technically we can’t tell the difference between a fully loaded flash drive and empty flash drive.

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