Mobile phone TF card common failures and solutions

          TF card is a necessary thing in mobile phones. Many software games can be installed into TF card.Let's talk about that,Mobile phone TF card common failures and solutions.

          Problem 1: plug TF card into the computer, and TF card cannot identify the problem.This situation is often caused by the format of TF card on the computer, which is incompatible with the mobile phone.Solution: put the card back on the phone and reformat the memory card with the phone's formatting function.



          Problem two: mobile phone plug in TF card can not open the web page, unplug but can.Solution: unable to open the web page, or no network response may be caused by the third party input method, switch back to the original input method, the problem is solved.

          Question 3: according to the mobile phone prompt "unplug TF card, please press ok", unplug the card according to the prompt, and then insert the phone later to continue to use, but after a short time, the prompt will unplug the card again, and so on.The reason for this situation is that TF card is often inserted and unplugged, resulting in poor contact with the memory card slot.Solution: you can consider going to customer service to check the phone, and pay attention to the future hot plug card when not too hard or only use the phone to read and not plug TF card.

          Problem 4: the reading and writing speed of the MMC card is getting slower and slower, far less than when I just bought it. It is also a storage device. The MMCTF card in the mobile phone is the same as that in the computer.However, the disk format of the hard disk is FAT32 or NTFS, and the MMC card in the phone is FAT16.As a result, mobile phones often have a series of errors after being defrayed from the computer's disk, with serious ones reported by inserting the MMC card into the phone.Solution: all we need to do is format the card with a copy of the hidden file in the MMC card and copy the file in.

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