Shock resistance of U disk

How much do you know about the shock resistance of U disk? Next, let's talk about this information. The emergence of the U disk has brought convenience to the mobile storage and communication of data. It is because of its good portability, and everyone puts higher sensitivity to the product. Requirements. Because if the seismic performance of the product is not good, not only the loss of the product, but also the important data stored in it will be inevitably subject to "disaster"!

At this stage, it is said that the seismic safety of the U disk is concerned by the entire mobile storage industry. A good U disk can carry 3 meters of free fall impact, ensuring that the data stored in the U disk will not disappear under the situation of strong vibration. Especially for industry users who have specific requirements for data security, good earthquake resistance must be a necessary parameter to improve the quality of information office.


The shock resistance of the U disk requires the product to have strong physical safety performance. The good U disk uses the industry's excellent Ultrasonic fusion technology to ensure the safety of the product falling at high altitude. At the same time, the product uses hot molecule curing. Packaging technology; plus seamless embedded structure, the ultra-micro crystal core components and PCB keys are integrated to completely eliminate the data disappearance caused by mechanical shock, while having excellent moisture and electromagnetic interference resistance, making data storage safe Performance is greatly improved. In addition, the U disk also provides data copy, Final Data data error recovery and data encryption, internal and external data security protection, to create a safe castle for users to save and exchange portable data.

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