Tips For Buying a Flash Drive

Whether you are planning to purchase a new USB flash drive or are just looking to upgrade, a few pointers can make the buying process a little simpler.

Go Big With the Flash Drive

When deciding which size USB flash drive to buy, it is best to go bigger than you think you'll need. You'll never regret having too much space on a USB flash drive. While price increases with capacity, you pay less to jump from 8GB to 16GB, for example, than you pay if you have to buy a second 8GB drive down the line.

Don't Overlook Security

Many drives come with data security including password protection or fingerprint scanning. The level of security you need depends on what you're putting on the device, but you should look for a drive that at least has password protection. A flash drive's diminutive size may be convenient, but it makes them notoriously easy to lose.

Buy Sturdy

No amount of password protection is going to help you if your flash drive falls apart after a little wear and tear. Look for drives made with anodized aluminum outer casings or some other kind of hardy material. If you go with plastic, at least make sure that any caps feature a tether. Waterproofing can't hurt, especially if you're planning to attach it to your keychain.

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