Top 3 Best Flash Drive Recovery Tools

1. Data Rescue PC 3.2

Data Rescue is one of the top 10 flash drive recovery tools. This software is not only used to recover lost files but also to recover partition tables, boot records and complex Raid configuration. This data recovery software also helps you to discover devices with mechanical defaults hence enabling you to get data recovery help before more data is lost.


2. Recuva Recovery Software

Recuva is superior flash drive recovery software that can retrieve lost data from flash drive. Moreover, Recuva can be used to recover pictures, emails, documents, and videos. It is easy to use and the software does the hard part for you. The software also has a portable version thus does not require installation.  

3. Wise Data Recovery

Wise Data Recovery is a fast flash drive recovery freeware used to recover compressed files, audios, videos, documents and photos. The software rates the scan results and then indicates the difficulty of recovery. It has an advanced search option allowing the user to find deleted data quickly. Wise Data Recovery also has a portable version, which allows you to use it on your computer without the need for installation.


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