4 gb ram ddr 2

The 4 GB RAM DDR2 is an efficient and reliable memory module designed to enhance your computer's performance. With a capacity of 4 GB, it ensures smooth multitasking and faster data processing. Its DDR2 technology provides improved speed and efficiency compared to its predecessor. This RAM module is compatible with a wide range of desktop computers, providing a seamless upgrade option. Whether you are a gamer, a video editor, or a professional working with resource-intensive applications, the 4 GB RAM DDR2 is a reliable choice to boost your system's overall performance.



What is the largest DDR2 RAM size?


The largest size of DDR2 RAM is 8GB.


Is there a 4GB DDR2 RAM?


Yes, we offer a 4GB DDR2 RAM. It is compatible with most computers and provides reliable performance for multitasking and handling demanding applications. Upgrade your system's memory to enhance its overall speed and efficiency. Contact us for more details and purchasing information.


What does 2GB DDR mean?


2GB DDR means a type of computer memory called DDR (Double Data Rate) with a capacity of 2 gigabytes. DDR is a technology used in RAM (Random Access Memory) modules that allows data to be transferred twice per clock cycle, resulting in improved performance compared to older memory technologies. With 2GB of DDR, your computer's memory capacity is 2 gigabytes, providing faster data processing and multitasking capabilities.


What is DDR 2 RAM bus speed?


DDR2 RAM bus speed refers to the rate at which data transfers between the RAM module and the computer's motherboard. It is measured in megahertz (MHz) and typically ranges from 400 MHz to 1066 MHz. The higher the bus speed, the faster the data transfer, allowing for quicker access to and retrieval of information from the RAM.




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