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Q:How to divide SSD?

In Windows XP, for example, you can divide SSD through the Control Panel / System management Tools / Computer Management /Disk Management, select the installed SSD, and press the right mouse button, press adds a new disk to complete.

Q:How to use the SSD properly to well protect it?

Currently, the SSD average erasure feature and built-in error correction mechanism can increase the SSD lifespan. But in general, SSD lifespan depends on how it is been used and the work environment, if a mass and long time large numbers of data have been written or used under a high-temperature environment. it would likely reduce the SSD lifespan.

Q:Why does the computer fail to detect the SSD?

There are two possibilities in most cases: 
a) Inadequate power supply: you can try attaching the USB connector next to the SSD into the USB slot behind your computer, and make sure your computer has enough power supply for the SSD.To avoid insufficient supply which will cause failure to read the SSD. please do not use USB Hub, extension cords, or other USB devices.
b)Not add new sectors: Please check the Disk Management to confirm whether installed SSD in Windows XP / Vista Win7 operating system.


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