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Introducing DDR4 PC, a cutting-edge product that upgrades your computer's performance to new heights. This next-generation memory module offers unparalleled speed and reliability, making it perfect for gaming, multitasking, and professional applications. With increased bandwidth and reduced power consumption, DDR4 PC delivers faster data transfer rates, ensuring smooth and seamless operations even with the most demanding tasks. Backed by the latest technology, this product guarantees long-lasting performance and compatibility with modern systems. Experience the ultimate computing experience with DDR4 PC, the perfect choice for anyone looking to optimize their computer's capabilities.

Bestoss 16GB Desktop RAM DDR4 - PC Specifications

Application PC Model DDR4
Capacity 16GB Interface 288pin
Input Voltage 1.2V Frequency 1600/2666/3000/3200mhz
Dimensions L67.6mm*W30mm Warranty 3 years
Siklus Sampel 3-5 hari kerja Certification FCC, ce, RoHS, Other





Is PC 4 same as DDR4?


No, PC4 is not the same as DDR4. PC4 refers to the fourth generation of DDR SDRAM memory modules, commonly used in desktop computers. DDR4 is a specific type of PC4 memory module, offering higher speed and capacity compared to previous generations.


Is 16 GB DDR4 enough?


Yes, 16 GB DDR4 is generally sufficient for most tasks such as web browsing, document editing, and light gaming. However, if you regularly engage in resource-intensive activities like video editing or 3D rendering, you may benefit from upgrading to a higher capacity to ensure smooth performance.


How to install DDR4 memory in PC?


To install DDR4 memory in your PC, follow these steps:

1. Ensure that your motherboard supports DDR4 memory.

2. Power off your PC and unplug it from the power source.

3. Open the computer case and locate the memory slots.

4. Insert the DDR4 memory module into the slot, aligning the notch on the module with the slot.

5. Apply gentle pressure until the module clicks into place.

6. Repeat the process for additional modules if needed.

7. Close the computer case, plug in the PC, and power it on. Your DDR4 memory should now be installed and recognized by the system.


Is DDR4 better than DDR5?


DDR5 is an improved version of DDR4 and offers higher data transfer rates, increased memory capacity, and improved power efficiency. It is considered better than DDR4 in terms of performance and future-proofing. However, DDR5 is not yet widely available, and its compatibility may vary with different systems. So, it is advisable to check system requirements and consider the specific needs before deciding which one is better for your particular situation.




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