ddr4 1200 mhz laptop ram

The DDR4 1200MHz laptop RAM is a high-performance memory module designed for laptops. With a memory speed of 1200MHz, it delivers efficient and fast data processing, enabling smooth multitasking and enhanced overall system performance. This RAM offers a capacity of up to [insert capacity] GB, providing ample space to store and access data. It is specifically designed for laptops, ensuring compatibility and optimized performance. Upgrade your laptop's memory with the DDR4 1200MHz laptop RAM for improved speed and responsiveness, whether you're gaming, editing, or handling demanding tasks.

Bestoss 16GB Laptop RAM DDR4 - NB Specifications

Application Laptop Model DDR4
Capacity 16GB Interface 260pin
Input Voltage 1.2V Frequency 1600/2666/3000/3200mhz
Dimensions L67.6mm*W30mm Warranty 3 years
Siklus Sampel 3-5 hari kerja Certification FCC, ce, RoHS, Other





What is the highest frequency DDR4 RAM for laptop?


The highest frequency DDR4 RAM available for laptops is usually around 3200 MHz. However, it is important to note that the compatibility of the RAM with your specific laptop model should be checked before making a purchase.


Why is my RAM running at 1200 MHz?


Your RAM may be running at 1200 MHz because it is operating in its default speed. Check your computer's BIOS settings to see if you can adjust the RAM frequency. Alternatively, it could be the maximum supported frequency of your RAM module. Verify the specifications of your RAM to confirm its maximum speed capability.


What is the highest MHz for DDR4 memory?


The highest MHz for DDR4 memory is 3200 MHz.


What is the frequency of DDR4 laptop RAM?


The frequency of DDR4 laptop RAM typically ranges from 2133MHz to 3200MHz. It may vary depending on the specific model and configuration of your laptop. Higher frequencies generally offer better performance, but compatibility with your laptop's motherboard and processor should also be considered when choosing the RAM.




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