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DDR4 memory is a cutting-edge computer component that enhances system performance by providing faster data transfer rates and increased bandwidth. With its advanced design and improved technology, DDR4 memory delivers higher speeds and greater efficiency compared to its predecessors. This product is highly compatible, allowing seamless integration into various systems and applications. Additionally, DDR4 memory offers higher capacities, enabling users to handle demanding tasks and run multiple applications simultaneously. Its reliability and stability make it an ideal choice for gamers, professionals, and anyone seeking an upgrade in their system's performance. Experience the future of computing with DDR4 memory.

Bestoss 16GB Laptop RAM DDR4 - NB Specifications

Application Laptop Model DDR4
Capacity 16GB Interface 260pin
Input Voltage 1.2V Frequency 1600/2666/3000/3200mhz
Dimensions L67.6mm*W30mm Warranty 3 years
Siklus Sampel 3-5 hari kerja Certification FCC, ce, RoHS, Other





What is DDR4 memory?


DDR4 memory is the fourth generation of Double Data Rate (DDR) memory technology. It offers higher data transfer rates and improved efficiency compared to its predecessor, DDR3. DDR4 memory modules have increased bandwidth, improved power consumption, and enhanced error correction capabilities. It is commonly used in modern computers, servers, and high-performance gaming systems to enhance overall system performance and multitasking capabilities.


Is DDR4 memory good?


Yes, DDR4 memory is good in terms of performance and efficiency. It offers faster data transfer speeds, increased bandwidth, and better power management compared to previous generations. DDR4 memory is widely used in modern computers, ensuring smooth multitasking, faster load times, and improved overall system performance.


Is DDR4 better than RAM?


Yes, DDR4 is an improved version of RAM which offers faster data transfer rates, higher capacity, and lower power consumption compared to its predecessors. It provides better performance and efficiency, making it a superior choice for modern computer systems.


What is 16GB DDR4 RAM mean?


The term \"16GB DDR4 RAM\" refers to a type of computer memory with a capacity of 16 gigabytes, operating on the DDR4 standard. DDR4 is a newer generation of RAM that offers increased speed and efficiency compared to its predecessors. With 16GB DDR4 RAM, you can expect faster data processing and improved multitasking capabilities for your computer.




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