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The external hard drive SSD is a compact and efficient storage solution that offers fast and reliable data transfer. With its solid-state drive technology, it provides enhanced durability and faster access to stored files. Its sleek and lightweight design makes it perfect for on-the-go professionals and students who require extra storage space for their important documents, photos, and videos. The drive also features advanced encryption and password protection to ensure the security of data. With a generous storage capacity and high-speed performance, the external hard drive SSD is an ideal choice for individuals seeking a reliable and portable storage option.

BP102 240GB USB 3.1 Gen2 External Type C SSD Specifications

Model Name BP102 Capacity Option 240GB
Interface USB 3.0 Gen 1 NAND Flash  3D TLC
Form Factor Type C Input Voltage DC 5V
Sequential Read 400-450MB/s Sequential Write 380-420MB/s
Dimensions L100mm*W29.6mm*H9mm Warranty 3 years
Storage Temp -20℃to+75℃ Operating Temp. 0℃--+70℃





Is SSD a good external hard drive?


SSD (Solid State Drive) is indeed a good choice for an external hard drive. The use of flash memory technology enhances its durability, faster data transfer speed, and reliable performance. Whether you need to back up important files or transfer large amounts of data swiftly, an SSD external hard drive can provide optimum efficiency and convenience.


Can you replace a hard drive with an external SSD?


Yes, you can replace a hard drive with an external SSD. An external SSD connects via USB, offering faster data transfer speeds and improved performance compared to traditional hard drives. However, it should be noted that the external SSD will not act as the primary storage drive unless you install the operating system on it. It is more commonly used for additional storage or as a portable solution for backing up and transferring files.




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