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msata SSD is a cutting-edge storage solution designed for mobile devices, such as laptops, tablets, and Ultrabooks. With a compact form factor, it offers high-performance storage capacity in a small package. Featuring lightning-fast read and write speeds, msata SSD ensures rapid data access and seamless multitasking. Equipped with advanced NAND flash technology, it provides reliable data storage and enhanced system performance. This reliable and efficient storage solution is perfect for professionals and tech enthusiasts who require speedy data transfer and ample storage capacity in their portable devices. Upgrade your device with msata SSD for an enhanced computing experience.

S201 960GB Laptop SSD Specifications

Model Name S201 MOQ 1 piece
Interface SATA III NAND Flash  TLC/QLC
Flash Type 3D NAND Form Factor 2.5Inch SATA
Sequential Read 500-550MB/s Sequential Write 500-540MB/s
Dimensions L100mm*W70mm*H7mm Warranty 3 years
Storage Temp -20℃to+75℃ Operating Temp. 0℃--+70℃
Shipping methods DHL / FEDEX, UPs, TNT etc Certificates CE/ RoHS/ FCC/ ISO9001
Supply Ability 500,000 pieces per month Port Shenzhen Port
Product Delivery 3-5 working days Packaging Customized





Is mSATA better than SSD?


mSATA is a type of SSD (Solid State Drive) that is smaller in form factor. While both mSATA and SSD offer fast and reliable storage, the choice depends on your specific needs. If space is a concern, mSATA is a better option due to its compact size. However, if you prioritize performance and higher storage capacity, a regular SSD would be more suitable. Ultimately, it's important to consider your requirements before deciding.


What is the mSATA SSD?


mSATA SSD, also known as mini-SATA, is a small solid-state drive that uses the mSATA interface for high-speed data transfer. It is commonly used in laptops and small form factor devices to provide additional storage capacity and improve overall performance. With its compact size and reliable performance, mSATA SSDs are a popular choice for those looking to upgrade their storage options in a convenient and efficient manner.


Can you put an M 2 SSD in a mSATA slot?


No, an M.2 SSD cannot be installed in an mSATA slot. These are two different form factors and are not compatible with each other. The M.2 SSD uses a different connector and has a different size compared to the mSATA slot. Make sure to check the compatibility specifications of your device before installing any storage component.


What are the differences between SATA and mSATA?


SATA and mSATA are both interfaces used for connecting storage devices. The main difference is their size and form factor. SATA is larger and commonly used for traditional hard drives and solid-state drives. On the other hand, mSATA is smaller and often utilized for ultrabooks or smaller devices. Additionally, mSATA can provide faster data transfer speeds in certain cases.




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