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The PC3200 RAM is an essential component for enhancing your computer's performance. With a capacity of up to 2GB, it provides ample storage space for your files and applications, enabling smoother multitasking and faster data processing. This DDR memory module offers a high data transfer rate of 400MHz, ensuring efficient performance and reduced lag time. Its compatibility with various computer systems makes it a versatile choice. Upgrade your PC with the PC3200 RAM to experience improved speed, efficiency, and overall responsiveness, allowing you to handle demanding tasks effortlessly.



What type of RAM is PC3200?


PC3200 is a type of DDR SDRAM, which stands for Double Data Rate Synchronous Dynamic Random-Access Memory. It operates at a clock speed of 200 MHz, and offers a data transfer rate of 3200 MB/s. This type of RAM is commonly used in desktop computers and provides efficient performance for various tasks and applications.


What DDR is PC3200?


PC3200 refers to the specification of DDR (Double Data Rate) RAM modules. The \"PC\" prefix indicates that the RAM is intended for use in personal computers. The number \"3200\" represents the maximum data transfer rate of the RAM, which is 3.2 gigabytes per second. Therefore, PC3200 RAM modules have a data transfer rate of 3.2 GB/s and are commonly used in older computer systems.


What do the RAM numbers mean?


The RAM numbers refer to the amount of memory a computer has. It represents the storage capacity for running programs and storing temporary data. The higher the RAM number, the more programs and data the computer can handle simultaneously, resulting in better performance and multitasking capabilities. It is essential to have sufficient RAM for smooth and efficient operation of your computer.


What is the latest DDR version of RAM?


The latest DDR version of RAM is DDR4 (Double Data Rate 4). It offers faster data transfer rates, improved power efficiency, and increased capacity compared to previous versions like DDR3. DDR4 is backward compatible with DDR3 slots, but it requires a motherboard that supports DDR4 technology.




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