ps5 2 external hard drives

The PS5 allows you to connect up to two external hard drives for additional storage. These drives can store and play PS4 games, media, and data. Simply connect the drives to available USB ports, format them when prompted, and choose one as the default location for PS4 games in the settings. You can easily switch between the two connected drives for your storage needs.



Can I connect two external hard drives to PS5?


No, the PS5 supports only one external hard drive at a time. You can connect a single external hard drive using the USB ports provided on the console.


Does PS5 have space for 2 SSDs?


No, the PS5 does not have space for 2 SSDs. It comes with a built-in SSD for fast loading and improved gameplay experience. However, there is an option to expand the storage using an NVMe SSD slot, but only one can be installed at a time.


Can you have 2 external hard drives on PS4?


Yes, you can use 2 external hard drives on the PS4. The PS4 supports connecting multiple external storage devices simultaneously. Simply plug in both hard drives to the available USB ports on the console, and you will be able to use them for additional storage or to transfer files and games.


Can you connect two external hard drives together?


Yes, you can connect two external hard drives together by using a USB hub or a docking station with multiple USB ports. This allows you to expand your storage capacity and transfer data between the drives simultaneously. Make sure to check if your computer supports multiple connected devices and choose a compatible hub or docking station.




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