ps5 ssd extended storage

The PS5 SSD Extended Storage is an essential accessory for PlayStation 5 users. It offers ample storage space to install and store numerous games, providing a seamless gaming experience. With its high-speed SSD technology, loading times are reduced significantly, ensuring smooth gameplay and quick access to your favorite titles. This storage expansion seamlessly integrates with the PS5 system, allowing users to seamlessly transfer and manage their games. The PS5 SSD Extended Storage is a must-have for avid gamers who want to keep their gaming library organized and enjoy the full potential of their PlayStation 5 console.



Can you expand SSD storage on PS5?


No, it is not possible to expand SSD storage on the PS5 as it does not have a dedicated expansion slot for additional storage. However, you can connect an external USB drive to increase storage capacity for games and media files.


What is the maximum capacity of PS5 extended storage SSD?


The maximum capacity of the PS5 extended storage SSD is currently 4 terabytes (TB).


Can I put a 2TB SSD in my PS5?


Yes, you can put a 2TB SSD in your PS5. The PS5 supports M.2 SSD expansion, allowing you to increase the storage capacity. However, ensure that the SSD meets the specific requirements set by Sony for compatibility. It should have a minimum sequential read speed of 5500MB/s and a suitable form factor. Check the PS5 user manual or Sony's official website for a list of approved SSDs.




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