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The SATA SSD is a cutting-edge storage solution that offers lightning-fast performance and reliable data storage. This product combines high-speed data transfer rates with a large storage capacity, making it perfect for both personal and professional use. With its sleek design and easy installation, the SATA SSD provides a hassle-free experience. Whether you're a gamer, content creator, or business professional, this SSD will optimize your device's efficiency and speed up your workflow significantly. Say goodbye to long loading times and data transfer delays with the powerful SATA SSD.

S201 512GB SATA 2.5'' SSD Specifications

Model Name S201 MOQ 1 piece
Interface SATA III NAND Flash  TLC/QLC
Flash Type 3D NAND Form Factor 2.5Inch SATA
Sequential Read 500-550MB/s Sequential Write 500-540MB/s
Dimensions L100mm*W70mm*H7mm Warranty 3 years
Storage Temp -20℃to+75℃ Operating Temp. 0℃--+70℃
Shipping methods DHL / FEDEX, UPs, TNT etc Certificates CE/ RoHS/ FCC/ ISO9001
Supply Ability 500,000 pieces per month Port Shenzhen Port
Product Delivery 3-5 working days Packaging Customized





What is a SATA SSD?


A SATA SSD refers to a Solid State Drive that utilizes the Serial ATA interface. It offers faster data transfer speeds and improved performance compared to traditional hard drives. This type of SSD is commonly used in laptops, desktops, and servers to enhance storage capabilities and overall system responsiveness.


Which is better SSD or SATA SSD?


SSD, or solid-state drive, is better than SATA SSD. While SATA SSD uses the SATA interface for data transfer, SSD uses non-volatile memory chips to store data, resulting in faster and more reliable performance. SSDs offer higher speeds, quicker boot times, and improved multitasking capabilities compared to traditional SATA SSDs. Therefore, if you are looking for superior performance and efficiency, SSD is the better choice.


What is the fastest SATA SSD speed?


The fastest SATA SSD speed can reach up to 6 gigabits per second (Gbps). However, it is essential to note that the actual speed you achieve can also depend on factors such as the specific SSD model, system configuration, and other hardware components. It's advisable to refer to the product specifications and conduct thorough research to find the most suitable SSD for your requirements.


Is A SATA SSD reliable?


Yes, A SATA SSD (Solid State Drive) is considered reliable. It has no moving parts, leading to enhanced durability and lower chances of mechanical failure. Additionally, SATA SSDs offer fast data transfer speeds and improved overall performance, making them a reliable choice for external trade independent websites.




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