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Introducing SSD Deal, a cutting-edge storage solution designed to enhance your computing experience. This high-performance solid-state drive offers lightning-fast data transfer speeds, allowing for quick and seamless file transfers, application loading times, and system boot-ups. With ample storage capacity, SSD Deal ensures you can store all your valuable files, documents, photos, and videos with ease. Its durable and reliable design guarantees long-term data protection, while its energy-efficient operation helps prolong battery life. Stay ahead of the game with SSD Deal, revolutionizing your computer's storage capabilities for optimized performance. Upgrade to SSD Deal today and experience a seamless computing journey.

S201 480GB SATA 2.5'' SSD Specifications

Model Name S201 MOQ 1 piece
Interface SATA III NAND Flash  TLC/QLC
Flash Type 3D NAND Form Factor 2.5Inch SATA
Sequential Read 500-550MB/s Sequential Write 500-540MB/s
Dimensions L100mm*W70mm*H7mm Warranty 3 years
Storage Temp -20℃to+75℃ Operating Temp. 0℃--+70℃
Shipping methods DHL / FEDEX, UPs, TNT etc Certificates CE/ RoHS/ FCC/ ISO9001
Supply Ability 500,000 pieces per month Port Shenzhen Port
Product Delivery 3-5 working days Packaging Customized





What SSD means?


SSD stands for Solid State Drive. It is a type of storage device that uses flash memory to store data, similar to a USB drive. SSDs are faster, more reliable, and consume less power compared to traditional hard disk drives (HDD). They are commonly used in computers, laptops, and servers to enhance performance and speed up data access.


Will SSD prices go down 2023?


It is expected that SSD prices will continue to decrease in 2023 due to advancements in technology and increased competition in the market. The decreasing prices are mainly driven by improved manufacturing processes and economies of scale. However, specific factors like supply chain disruptions or changes in market demand can also influence pricing. It is advisable to regularly monitor the market trends and consult with reliable sources for the most accurate information on SSD prices in 2023.


What is the SSD program?


The SSD program stands for Solid State Drive program. It is a storage device that uses flash memory to store data, offering faster speed and improved reliability compared to traditional hard drives. SSDs are commonly used in computers and other electronic devices.


Why is SSD still so expensive?


SSD (Solid State Drive) is still expensive primarily due to the higher production costs associated with its advanced technology. Compared to traditional hard drives, SSDs use flash memory instead of spinning disks, resulting in faster read/write speeds and improved performance. However, the production process for flash memory is more complex and costly. Additionally, as demand for SSDs continues to increase for both personal and enterprise use, prices are gradually declining, making them more accessible to consumers.




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