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Introducing the SSD Drive 4TB – a high-performance storage solution designed to take your digital experience to new heights. With an impressive capacity of 4TB, this solid-state drive offers ample space to store and access all your important files, documents, photos, and videos quickly and efficiently. Its lightning-fast read and write speeds ensure swift data transfer and smooth multitasking, while its durable design ensures reliability and longevity. Whether you're a professional gamer, content creator, or simply need extra storage, the SSD Drive 4TB is the ultimate choice to enhance your productivity and eliminate storage constraints.

GM888 4TB PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSD Specifications

Model Name GM888 Capacity Option 4TB
Interface PCIe Gen 4x4 NAND Flash  3D TLC
Input Voltage DC 3.3V Form Factor M.2
Sequential Read 6800-7100MB/s Sequential Write 6000-6500MB/s
Dimensions L80mm*W22mm*H2.1mm Warranty 3 years
Storage Temp -20℃to+75℃ Operating Temp. 0℃--+70℃
Supply Ability 500,000 pieces per month Port Shenzhen Port
Product Delivery 3-5 working days Packaging Customized


S201 4TB SATA 2.5'' SSD Specifications

Model Name S201 MOQ 1 piece
Interface SATA III NAND Flash  TLC/QLC
Flash Type 3D NAND Form Factor 2.5Inch SATA
Sequential Read 500-550MB/s Sequential Write 500-540MB/s
Dimensions L100mm*W70mm*H7mm Warranty 3 years
Storage Temp -20℃to+75℃ Operating Temp. 0℃--+70℃
Shipping methods DHL / FEDEX, UPs, TNT etc Certificates CE/ RoHS/ FCC/ ISO9001
Supply Ability 500,000 pieces per month Port Shenzhen Port
Product Delivery 3-5 working days Packaging Customized





Is A 4 TB SSD worth it?


Yes, a 4 TB SSD is worth it if you require a high capacity drive with fast data access. SSDs offer faster read/write speeds and improved performance over traditional HDDs. With 4 TB, you'll have ample storage for large files, games, and multimedia. However, consider your budget and specific needs before making a final decision.


Is there a 4 TB SSD?


Yes, there are 4 TB SSDs available in the market. SSDs, or Solid State Drives, come in various capacities, including 4 TB. These high-capacity SSDs are typically used for storing large amounts of data, providing faster read and write speeds compared to traditional hard drives. It is important to check the compatibility of the 4 TB SSD with your device before purchase.


Is 4TB better than 1TB?


4TB is better than 1TB in terms of storage capacity. With 4 times more space, it allows for storing larger files, such as videos and high-resolution images. However, the choice depends on your specific needs. If you don't require a lot of storage, 1TB might be sufficient. Consider your usage and storage requirements before making a decision.


How long does a 4TB SSD last?


The lifespan of a 4TB SSD varies depending on usage patterns and manufacturer specifications. On average, modern SSDs can last for around 5-10 years under normal usage conditions. However, this estimation may vary depending on factors such as write endurance, sustained usage, and overall drive health maintenance. It is always recommended to monitor the health of your SSD and backup important data regularly for added security.




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