AIOT Storage Solutions


AIOT industry as a new industry, need to store a lot of data, there is a need to use to different storage products, Bestoss for the AIOT industry to create a corresponding one-stop storage solutions

High-capacity storage

Automated Data Storage

Automated devices in production lines and factories generate large amounts of data that need to be stored for production process monitoring and optimization.

Higher Performance

IoT Data Storage

IoT connectivity of industrial devices has resulted in a large amount of device data that needs to be stored for monitoring equipment status, predicting maintenance needs, and more.

Higher Interface Standards

Production Data Storage

Production process data, quality inspection data, and production metrics on production lines need to be stored and analyzed to improve production efficiency and product quality.

Object Storage

Equipment Data Storage

Store equipment maintenance records, troubleshooting data, and repair history to help predict maintenance needs and optimize equipment performance.

Cloud Storage Services

Engineering Data Storage

Store CAD files, design documents, and simulation analysis data for product design and engineering projects.

Cloud Storage

Supply Chain Data Storage

Store supply chain data, including supplier information, logistics data, and inventory information to support supply chain management and optimization.

Cloud Storage

Quality Data Storage

Store quality control data, certification records, and product compliance information to ensure that products meet quality and safety standards.

Cloud Storage

Energy Data Storage

Stores energy usage data to support energy management and the development of energy-saving measures.


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