How to transfer data from your old hard drive to a new portable SSD

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Transferring data from one device to another can be frustrating, but you don’t have many options. If you don’t transfer the data right now, you might lose it forever. Old hard drives can explode anytime, not literally, but you might lose your data.

So, it would be best to transfer your data from your old hard drive to your new portable SSD without wasting more time. Another benefit you will have would be that you can carry your portable SSD with you wherever you are going.

Steps to transfer data from your old hard drive to your portable SSD

Everyone knows how to transfer data from an old hard drive to a newer portable SSD. Still, if you haven’t done this before, then here is a step-by-step guide that will surely help you in the task:

 Connect both devices or one at a time with the system

Now you have two options: connect your old hard drive and portable SSD with the system or simply connect your old hard drive first. You can connect one device at a time if you have plenty of time to transfer data.

You can make a backup of your data from your old hard drive to your system before you transfer it to another portable SSD. This task will take a lot of time, or if you want to cut to the chase, then simply connect both devices at a time and jump onto the next step.

 Explore the data/files/documents

Now it is time to explore all the data, files, and documents and select the ones you want to save into your portable SSD. Removing unwanted scrap from your old hard drive would be wise because transferring it to your portable SSD would waste time.

Plus, it will also take up a lot of space on your portable SSD. So if you want to do the job quickly, simply pick the important data from your old hard drive and jump onto this as the final step of this task.

 Start copying and pasting data

The final step is copying and pasting data from your old hard drive to your portable SSD. Well, it would be wise to do it like a pro and make a few folders in your portable SSD to transfer the data in a well-organized way. Before copying files from the old hard drive and pasting them into your new portable SSD, you can make a backup in your system first. Well, whatever you want to do with your data is totally up to you. It would be best to make folders because, later, it will help you find the data in your portable SSD.

 Be patient and skip useless data transferring

Larger files will take longer to transfer onto your new portable SSD, so you must be patient on this step. Plus, if there are large files that are irrelevant and you don’t know that you won’t be needed, then it would be wise that you don’t waste your time on transferring them onto your new one portable SSD.

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