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Introducing the USB-C 2TB SSD, an innovative storage solution for your digital needs. This compact and portable device offers a massive 2TB capacity, allowing you to store and access your data anytime, anywhere. With its USB-C interface, it provides fast and seamless file transfers, ensuring efficient and convenient data management. This SSD is not only lightweight but also durable, making it perfect for on-the-go professionals and avid travelers. Whether you need to store your important documents or multimedia files, the USB-C 2TB SSD is a reliable and versatile choice for all your storage requirements.



What is the maximum speed of USB C SSD?


The maximum speed of a USB C SSD depends on various factors such as the SSD's own speed capability, the USB C port version, and the device connected to. Generally, USB C SSDs can achieve speeds up to 10 Gbps (Gigabits per second) for USB 3.1 Gen 2 ports or higher, while older USB 3.0 ports support speeds up to 5 Gbps. It's recommended to check the specifications of your specific SSD and device for accurate speed information.


Can you get a 2TB SSD?


Yes, we offer 2TB SSDs for purchase. Our 2TB SSDs are high-capacity solid-state drives that provide faster data storage and retrieval. Please check our product listings or contact our sales team for further information and pricing.


Is USB C SSD faster than HDD?


Yes, USB C SSD is significantly faster than HDD. USB C SSDs utilize solid-state flash memory which offers faster data retrieval and transfer speeds. Compared to traditional HDDs, USB C SSDs provide increased performance, faster boot times, and quicker file access. This makes them ideal for tasks requiring quick data access and high-speed data transfer, such as transferring large files or running resource-intensive programs.


How fast is a 2TB SSD?


A 2TB SSD typically offers fast data transfer speeds, varying depending on the specific model and technology used. Generally, you can expect sequential read and write speeds of around 500-550 MB/s, which is significantly faster than traditional hard drives. However, each SSD may have its own specifications, so it is recommended to check the manufacturer's specifications for the specific model you are using.




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